2,3,4 & 6″ can go over the purlin-anything more would go either Hi-R Banding (see attached) which could give you higher R Values R-30 R-32,35,38,40 etc. The other system which is more expensive but even better is our Simple Saver., then go to Metal Building Insulation, then to Bay Insulation Systems, then see BayLiner/SimpleSaver and you will see what it looks like and how to install it, etc.

My first suggestion is for the customer to know a few key high lights of this product that I find very convincing to the customers.

  1. It’s the only system on the market that gives you a true installed R-Value. When using standard over the purlin insulations you are not able to get an overall true installed R-Value as you are with SimpleSaver.
  2. When using this product on your roof & walls you completely cover the purlins & girts and will have a nice looking finished system. In doing this there is no need to cover the walls with costly drywall or liner panel. There is also no need to paint the purlins & girts.
  3. Most states offer an energy rebate.
  4. With increasing energy costs this system may cost a little more upfront but within 3 to 5 years will pay for itself.
  5. Very bright finish, also a savings cutting down on lighting.
  6. Absorbs sound.
  7. Helps prevent condensation & corrosion.
  8. So strong when you order it with built-in fall protection.

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