PowerLift Doors

These custom hydraulic doors not only work great for commercial buildings, they are also fantastic for agricultural, aviation and residential applications. They can be installed on any building, as we provide retro-fit services that can meet any requirements. Another fantastic benefit of our doors is that they look amazing! Such a clean, perfect fit on your building – you’re sure to get compliments and just love how they fit so securely, allowing for clean lines when they are closed.

Please read on about our first quality hydraulic doors and the exceptional customer service that backs them up. Be sure to check our testimonials to see how our customers rely on their PowerLift Hydraulic Doors.

ALL PowerLift Hydraulic Doors come with

Local, Responsive Service:

All PowerLift service centers across North America assure you personalized service. Your PowerLift door is custom built, delivered and installed to suit your application perfectly.

Lifetime Warranty:

The very best door comes with the very best warranty. The confidence we have in our product is reflected in our door structure being guaranteed for the life of your building.


PowerLift is the only company to always install each and every door. Experienced and company trained installers make your project go smoother, quicker and gives you confidence that your door is professionally completed.


You will appreciate the PowerLift culture of quality in your own custom PowerLift door. The PowerLift all-welded single panel door structure is unmatched for strength and long life.


Our unequaled reputation for quality and service results from focusing personal attention on every customer. We have worked hard to earn this reputation and will continue working hard to maintain it. Check us out on the forums and chat rooms – our thousands of happy customers attest to the quality of our product and personalized service.

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