Top of the Line Steel Buildings Factory

Top of the Line Steel Buildings, the industry leader that manufactures agricultural steel buildings, metal buildings, storage buildings, metal horse barns, horse riding arenas, steel framing, steel construction, metal storage building, aircraft hangars, farm building and steel sheds and mini-storage buildings.

Top of The Line Steel Buildings’ skilled professionals produce only the highest quality, most durable products of steel buildings, metal buildings, horse riding arenas and other building accessories at the lowest prices in the industry. Our engineered permit and construction building prints are stamped and sealed in-house to meet internationally. For more information on any steel metal buildings or any other building types that we currently manufacture, please¬†contact us today.

Top of the Line Steel Buildings can also offer you metal components for your building repairs, secondary framing (Girts, Purlins, C-Channel, Angles) for your building additions or repairs. We also offer 29 GA panels for other reroof projects you may have at your property. There is no building or project too small or too large for Top of the Line Steel Buildings. We also sell Insulation Systems, Windows, Commercial Overhead Doors, Bi-Fold and Hydraulic Doors by Schwiss, Heavy Duty Walk Doors, Residential Overhead Doors, and Metal Roofing and Wall Systems.

Pre-engineered steel metal buildings by Top of the Line Steel Buildings are AISC-MB and IAS Certified.

  • Stainless Steel Fasteners are used on all our metal buildings. Top of the Line Steel Buildings’ roof and wall fasteners are surgical stainless steel fasteners that are supplied with an assembled neoprene washer and carry a lifetime warranty against rust.
  • Purlin Bearing Rib (PBR) on Roof & Walls makes for a solid side lap seal in your steel building that reduces moisture infiltration and air leaks for a stronger, weather-tight fit and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Long-Life Finishes are used on all our metal buildings panels to achieve truer, brighter color that is longer-lasting and inherently has curb appeal. Matching gutters and downspouts are an added attraction. These Long-Life Finishes carry a 40 year paint warranty.
  • I-Beam End Wall Framing provides strength and stiffness. They are easy to erect as they stand alone because they require less bracing, and our stronger, hot-rolled sections are easier to handle than cold-rolled.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities are all AISC Certified and stand for quality-controlled fabrication with fast turnaround.

The manufacturing facility we do business with is one of the most sophisticated in the steel building industry. The engineers, advanced computer technologies, and precise machinery exemplify the commitment to quality.
The team of engineers and draftsmen utilize advanced CAD-CAM software created exclusively for the steel building industry. The expert engineers can certify and stamp blueprint drawings for every state in America, including Hawaii and Alaska. The engineers will meet or exceed your local building codes and snow load requirements and provide you with final construction drawings accurate enough to pour concrete from.
The factory utilizes Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) technology because it enables us to create the highest quality secondary steel framing on the market today. The CNC machines use streams of digital information from CAD-CAM outputs to move motors and other positioning systems on order to cut, roll form, and pre-punch bolt holes in steel components. Because the factory is completely automated using CNC technology, we are able to produce higher quality components in less time than our competitors, which allows us to pass substantial savings on to you.
Every girt and purlin produced in the factory is galvanized with a zinc coating which seals the surface of the steel to prevent rust. Unlike many steel building manufacturers, this rust-prevention treatment is standard on every building we sell at no additional cost. Galvanization extends the life of your project and the appearance. Our cleaner, brighter product also features lower maintenance costs.
The certified welders utilize the latest gas metal arc welding (GMWA) technology. In addition, the advanced twin-arc submerged welding system is capable of manufacturing structural steel components up to 72 inches deep, thus allowing us to produce column-free building interiors up to 200 feet wide. All welded components must pass strict quality control requirements.
Most steel building manufacturers bend building eaves and trim by hand, resulting in poor quality and substandard workmanship. The trim department utilizes ten specialized roll forming machines; whereas, many competing steel building manufactures buy their gutters and downspouts from many suppliers, we work solely with one factory which has the machines and technology to construct gutters and downspouts. Therefore, we do not increase the price of our buildings to cover the cost of paying many suppliers. This results in additional savings for you.