Versatile and with over a half-century of proven performance, the ArchWall is a standard in today’s multi-use, on-farm storage. A Meridian ArchWall building (also known as quonset, curvet or arch rib building) is made using 100% steel construction that is easy to assemble and expand. Our ISO Certification means your product is precision manufactured every time. From equipment to crops, a Meridian ArchWall building can store it all: Onion/ Potato/ Sweet Potato / Carrots / Vegetable / Hay / Grain/ Fertilizer/ Equipment / Utility. Meridian’s ArchWall buildings draw from over 40 years of manufacturing experience. Cattle Shades are also available.

Key Features:

Spans of 40′, 50′, 51′, 62′, 68′ (12.19m, 15.24m, 15.54m, 18.90m, 20.73m)
Heavy gauge roof and wall panels come in galvanized steel or pre-painted
Equipment doors span 40′ x 20′ (12.19m x 6.10m)
Man doors 3′ x 7′ (0.91m x 2.13m)Corrugated panels 4 ½” (1.37m)
Simple to follow construction and foundation details specific to each building
Bolt down, formed-footing channel for easy connection to foundation
Wide range of building accessories available

There are limitless applications: agricultural, industrial, commercial and aviation.  With over 65 years of experience, each Meridian ArchWall building is designed to meet the industry’s most demanding performance standards. A versatile storage solution for your farm use, rest assured that your Meridian ArchWall has been exceeding expectations in countries all around the world for equipment, grain, vegetable storage and even aircraft hangers. At Meridian, we remain committed to bringing you the highest quality products and services at a fair price.

The Meridian ArchWall offers ease of construction, maximum space efficiency, easy access and maintenance-free operation. A variety of options, accessories and easy expansion to meet any storage challenge coupled with strength, versatility and reputation of “built to last” makes the Meridian ArchWall the number one choice for your needs.

Room to Grow: Your Meridian ArchWall building can be easily expanded at any time simply by unbolting the existing endwall, adding new arch sections and replacing the original endwall.

Maximum Flexibility

Meridian’s Rugged Double-slide Doors

Ease of access & life-long performance
Well balanced & secure
No sag, easy-glide operation
Effective seal against weather
Revolutionary construction & foundation

Minimal site preparation
Constructed with 3/8″ bolts plated to “JS1500” spec.
Revolutionary die-formed footing channel (the most practical method available)
Life-long strength & performance
Simple construction
Future expansion always possible
Maintenance-free performance
Superior roof system

Heavy gauge galvanized steel arch panels
3’5″ (1.041m) panel bolt together easily

Sealant applied to all seam & overlap joints to ensure weather-tight structure Sealed & double bolted panel splices for maximum strength & durability

Special metal flashing & rubber gaskets seal endwall connections to arch panels